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Theological Education in the Mobile Classroom: Working toward Justice for Migrants and Climate Justice along the Border

rev. abby mohaupt and I will co-present at the Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Religion this fall. We will share this paper, the abstract for which follows.

Climate change and immigration are difficult topics, made more volatile when put in conversation with religion. However, two feminist scholars have created a mobile classroom for students to learn from people who have migrated to the US and people experiencing the effects of climate change. The classroom centers lived experience and solidarity, inviting students to learn in the public sphere as we move from a Texas seminary to the US/Mexico border.

We go to the border because we have been invited. We listen to stories of people and meet the land itself. We walk with students as they discern how they will respond. We invite students to become aware not only of the teachings of the religious and secular  traditions to which they belong, but also to introduce them to contexts that can acquaint them with right orientation of the heart and right action on immigration and climate change.